So, here’s to new beginnings

I’ve decided I need to find a new happy little home on the internet.  Here I will write about whatever suits my fancy.  I mostly expect it to be about sex and religion.  I’d rather like to think that I am a genius about both, but alas I know very little about religion and only what is familiar to me sexually.
For the record I am terrible at the whole proper writing crap.  That is to say I don’t know jack about paragraphs, or topic sentences.  I will try my best not to let the geek out in my writing and refrain from using sci-fi curse words that were made up for a now cancelled television show.  Oh and I have a tendency toward run on sentences and I use parentheses FAR too much.
I will forewarn that I am a kinkster , and yes I have a FetLife account – no you may not know what my pseudonym is there.  So if I ever get into something you find inappropriate or offensive skip to the next post.  I’m not writing this for you, I am writing this for me.  On that note this is also an exercise in learning to accept criticism.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  So with that said, happy blogging!