"I’m just going to keep dropping quarters until I get the high score."

The above quote was stated to me by a guy on a (recent) first date.  I almost spit my Chai tea all over him.  I was (to say the least) exceptionally amused.  Let me explain the context of this gem.
So I recently signed back up for an OK Cupid account, looking for new friends and found him while browsing profiles.  We chatted back and forth, and eventually decided it was time to meet in person.  When he walked in the door I was at first blown away by how much his photos did him no justice.  This guy was really adorable!  So we started to chat, and soon found that we are both total nerds as well as total geeks.
As the conversation continued, it turned to discussions on sex and intimacy.  M3 stated that he has two personal goals, A: To eventually take a woman on the best date she has ever had, and B: to give a woman the best sex she’s ever had.  Which somehow ended in the comment used here as a title.
This got me to thinking about what else could be used as geeky ways to make sexual innuendos, because frankly I love a good sexual innuendo or double entendre.  Who else has one that they’ve used, or are witty enough to come up with one right here on the spot?
(Also, great things to come with this blog in the near future.  Including a likely new site address that I will be sure to share with you.)