I apologize for my absence. I had so many good intentions for this blog, and then I just had nothing to say. I swear I am trying to ramp up to new things.  Keep an out here for more sex and geek goodness.
So I am wondering if anyone would be interested in getting in on this blog project with me. I started Sex and the Savvy Geek almost a year ago and it sort of fell flat on it’s face. You are more them welcome to use a pseudonym for this.
The blog is about being a sexual creature and a geek. There seems to be a stigma that if you’re one, you can’t be the other and I would like to change that one blog post at a time.  You’re welcome to write about anything, but preferably that it relates to sex, geeks, or any combination of the two.  This can include your own experiences, your desires, or fictional stories. If you are interested email me at sexysavvygeek@gmail.com.