Video Games and Spankings

So last night I had another date with M3.  I just wanted to brag about how awesome it is to date a guy geekier than me.  Last night we were laying in bed and M3 was giving me a back rub.  He notices that in our game EvE Online that with the new patch you can auto pilot your ship to auto dock for you.  He gets out of bed, (mind you I am half naked) to tweet about it.  I razzed him on Twitter for it, and we commenced with the sexing,
Fast forward to round two of sexing.  M3 wants to read an article from EvE University but I want sex again.  So I just got on top and started having sex with him, while he was (trying) to read said article on his iPhone.  I am such a terrible “not a girlfriend”.  Round three was also interesting, because he was again trying to read his article (the same one) and I was playing Star Legends on my phone and he starts spanking me.  That of course quickly turned into actual sexing.
I made a decision when I decided to start dating again that I was going to be completely open about all aspects of my life (Geek, Kink, ad Non-Monogamy) and it has been amazing.  Things are going quite well with M3  I am hoping that he sticks around.  We haven’t really discussed an actual relationship at this time, but we’re both fine with that.
Went on a date with another guy recently who is adorable and geeky and plays Bass Guitar.  Since he is a programmer and game developer, I am going to refer to him as Dev.  Dev is pretty awesome and totally got every single obscure show reference I made, with the exception of Farscape but he’s cute so he is forgiven.  I have another date with Dev tomorrow night, so I will let y’all know how that goes as well.  Tonight I am going to M3’s house for video games and sexing.  Man,I love this single life thing!