Interested in being a guest blogger?

Unfortunately the current set up for Sex and the Savvy Geek does not allow for multiple author accounts, but fear not my fellow Geeks and Geekettes! You can still guest blog here!  Just copy and paste the below information and email your submission to Sex and the Savvy Geek and we will review and post.  If a submission is not accepted a clear explanation will be given as to why, and negotiations/revisions can be made/further discussed.

Nickname (optional):
Brief Bio:
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Now you might be wondering what we are looking for.  To be honest, anything and everything.  This blog’s focus is on being a sexual creature, being a geek and how those oftentimes intertwine.  You could give a review of the latest (insert entertainment here), or tell us about a recent sexual encounter or sexual fantasy/desire.  If you wish to include any photos or links please ensure that you have highlighted the words you wish to be hyper linked and include the link below the body of the message.  (e.g.  I would like this phrase hyperlinked.  Then at the bottom of your submission be sure to indicate “phrase – url”.  Also attach any photos you would like added/linked and where they should be located.)  I know this is not the best way to handle guest bloggers but for the current time frame (until I can get the domain hosted offsite from Blogger) it will have to do.