The Tourist

(This is an ongoing story that will be shared in chapters. The exploits of a fictional author, and his sexual encounters during his travels. This is chapter one.)

The Tourist
He swiped his key card at the door, walking into the hotel room noting how blessedly silent it was.  He knew that he needed to get out more often but going from his hotel room to the hotel bar was not exactly “getting out”.  He unbuttoned his suit jacket and tossed it over the back of the armchair next to the bed and scanned the room.  It was your typical four star suite perfect for any travelling businessman or in his case writer.
He walked over to the desk where he had moved it showing a perfect view of the Minneapolisskyline.  He never missed living in Minnesota, but he would not deny missing the views from time to time, as he watched a particularly beautiful woman cross the street and enter the hotel.   Maybe he had left the bar too early, as she wasn’t carrying any luggage and was likely there to enjoy the atmosphere.
As he booted up his laptop, he walked over the room’s small kitchenette and grabbed a ginger ale from the mini fridge.  Filling a glass with ice, and emptying the contents of the bottle into the glass he walked back to the window and looked out again watching the last of the sun set over the western horizon.  Silently he mused over the direction of his recent book.
His editor had called him earlier that day to advise that his last book had just become a best seller, and to remind him that he was needed in Charlestonsoon for his next book signing.  His editor couldn’t understand his want to fly off to Minnesota in the dead of winter, but he never missed a deadline so she never made an actual complaint about it.  He took a sip of the soda in his hand and sat down at his laptop, staring blankly at the cursor blinking on the screen.
He had reached a particularly difficult chapter in the book and was unsure of what route to take with the storyline.  He had consulted with himself and a close friend on where the story should go, but was still wrestling with his heart and where he thought that his fans would want it to go.  He had just begun to type when there was a soft knock at the door.
Confused he walked to the door and looked out through the peephole.  Standing on the other side of the door, was the woman he had seen walking into the hotel minutes before.  She was of average height, with reddish brown hair and brown eyes.  There was a slight smile on her face as she looked directly at the peephole, as if to say “I know you’re standing right there, are you going to answer the door or just stare all night?”  She raised her hand as if to knock again, when he unlocked the door and opened it.
“Can I help you?” he asked.
 Her mouth fell into a much wider smile.  “Well you can certainly not act like you have no idea who I am.”
He noticed that as she smiled, it lit up her entire face in a disconcerting albeit incredibly sexy way.  Much like, what he would assume a Succubus’ primal stare would look like.  He looked at her quizzically for a moment before he realized that he did in fact know her but had never been face to face with her.
“Lucy?” he asked somewhat flabbergasted.
She gave a half smile and chuckled.  “In the flesh.”  She shifted her weight slightly looking at him with her head tilted slightly.  “Surprise!” she said with a laugh.
“How did you – Why…?” He asked stammering.  He chuckled softly and shook his head.  “How did you know where I was staying?” He asked her opening the door to let her in.
As she walked into the room, and scanned her surroundings she said, “Andrew mentioned that you were in town, and since he was unable to get away from his work assignment suggested that I stop by to say hello.” She looked over at the laptop, seeing his word processing program up.  “I’m not interrupting, am I?”
He looked over at the computer and sighed.  “Not really.  The story has been a nuisance lately.  I was just downstairs trying to clear my head.  You must have arrived shortly after I returned to my room.”  He didn’t let on that he had in fact watched her arrival; he also hadn’t mentioned that he had considered trying his luck at running into her in the hotel bar.
She sat down in one of the armchairs, crossing one leg over the other.  He watched as her skirt slid up her thigh slightly showing the barest hint of lace.  She was wearing stockings, which let’s be honest in this era is a rarity.  He wondered to himself if she also wore a garter belt with her stockings.  He smiled softly and asked “Care for a drink?”
His brief glance had not gone unnoticed, but being as she wasn’t offended she feigned ignorance and nodded.  “Sure, water would be fine.”
As he walked into the kitchenette to grab a bottle of water from the mini fridge she admired the way his suit fit his frame.  She could not recall the last time she saw a man wearing a three piece suited, having already noticed the suit coat draped over the chair opposite hers.
He handed her the bottle of water and sat in the chair across from her, and looked over at her.  “So, you look … well great.  He realized why he hadn’t recognized her now.  She seemed slimmer, more toned and there was a surety to her that hadn’t been there a year ago when they had first met.”
She took a sip of water and blushed softly.  “Thank you.  I decided last summer that I needed to make some changes.  I broke it off with my boyfriend and dedicated a lot of my free time to the gym.  My roommate and I started eating out less, and in the process of getting healthier I found a happier me in the process.”  She looked around the room, noticing that somehow even for a hotel room it was still filled with his presence.  “How long are you in town?”  She inquired.
He stretched his legs out and crossed them at the ankles, leaning back into the chair.  “Well, honestly I don’t know.  I just got into town a few days ago.  My editor is trying to get me back to Charlestonyesterday for a book signing.  The last book just hit number one on the New York Times list.”  He looked over at her as he finished his sentence trying to gauge her response.
She smiled brightly, “Congratulations!” she exclaimed!  “So, how does one treat with a big shot author?  Do I have to treat you any differently now that you’re going to be famous?” she teased.
“No.” He chuckled.  “In a million years I would not have believed this hobby would get me to where I am today.  It was thanks to you and everyone else who kept on me about finishing the trilogy that I am even here today.”  He took a sip of his ginger ale and sighed.  “Thank you, honestly.  I know I can be intolerable at times but it means a lot to me that you have always been there for me.”
She looked over at him, a look of amusement on her face.  “You know that I was hooked the minute I got my hands on your first book.  I’m just glad I didn’t give you a big head.  Every time I found a friend who didn’t have a copy of the book I got them one.  She laughed softly and shook her head.  I was so convinced you would see me as Kathy Bates’ character in Misery.  I promise I never considered locking you up and torturing you for a new story.  Okay, maybe once.”  They both laughed.
They discussed current events in the news and within their social circles for a while before she glanced at her watch and frowned.  “I hate to cut and run, but I need to head out shortly.  We should get together and have dinner some time before you leave.” She said as she stood.  He stood with her and nodded.  “That would be great!  Give me a call and we’ll make it happen.”
As he walked her to the door he couldn’t help but glance down at her backside.  He had always appreciated her curves, but with her new sense of self assuredness they were somehow more attractive to him now.  As she turned to give him a hug he noticed she smelled subtly like pears and cinnamon.  As he embraced her she seemed to melt into him slightly, he sighed softly and again caught the scent of pears and cinnamon.  As she stepped back to pull away the overwhelming urge to kiss her caught hold of him.   So he did just that.
She let out a surprised gasp and resisted briefly before sighing softly and returning the kiss passionately.  His arms wrapped tighter around her, one sliding up the curve of her ribs entangling his hand in her hair.  He cradled her head as he deepened the kiss, teasing her lips open with his tongue.  She chuckled throatily and returned the kiss with a soft urgency he hadn’t expected.  As the kiss ended he realized that he was partially holding his breath.  He looked down at her and smiled, kissing her lightly on the lips.  “Always wondered what that would be like.”
She let out a shaky laugh, and took a small step back.  “I won’t lie and say I didn’t wonder it myself.  Just didn’t expect it to be so; unexpected if it ever did happen.  She blushed slightly at this admission, which to him was one of the most beautiful things about her.  He had almost forgotten how easily she blushed.  “So, uh… about dinner.  Do you have plans for tomorrow night?” he asked.  She indicated that she was free and plans were then made for dinner the following evening.  As she left he realized that his room smelled like pears and cinnamon.  It was going to be a long sleepless night, he was sure.
The next evening they met at an Indian restaurant a few blocks away from his hotel.  They continued their discussion from the night before.  The subject of how the had parted wasn’t broached, but there was a definite charge to the evening that had not been there previously.  His eyes lingered on her collarbone as he wondered how sensitive it was, and if it would taste the same as she smelled.  When the waiter asked if either of them were interested in the dessert course they declined food, but she did take a spiced tea and he a cup of coffee.
He noticed that she again wore a skirt, and what appeared to be another pair of stockings these sheer where the other pair was black.  He admired the way her blouse caressed her curves, the neckline was demure but couldn’t hide the swell of her breasts.  He smiled softly remembering how they felt pressed against his chest when he had kissed her.  He shifted in his chair slightly thankful that there was a table between them, hoping she would suddenly finish her tea and choose that exact moment to leave.
She cleared her throat softly “So, what do you think?” she asked.  He looked at her and blushed.  “I’m sorry, what?” he asked.  Somewhat embarrassed to have realized that she had been talking and he was too wrapped up in thoughts of what she was wearing under her clothing.  “I was wondering what you wanted to do after this?” she asked.
“Well, it’s unseasonably warm for December.  Would you care to take a walk with me?” he asked hoping that the cool air would help keep his mind off of his previous thoughts.  She chuckled softly stating; “Well considering we walked here from the hotel…” as she let the sentence trail off her eyes lit up with laughter.  He blushed again having realized that they did in fact; walk to the restaurant and would be likely walking back to the hotel where he was staying and her car was parked.  They paid the bill and stepped out into the cool night air.  Walking side by side back to the hotel he told her about the current book he was working on, and she told him about her current work project.
As they arrived at the entrance of the hotel, he looked over at her and knew he didn’t want the evening to stop.  He reached for her hand, pulling her toward him and wrapped his arms around her in a soft embrace.  As he brought his face down to hers he hesitated only for a moment looking into her eyes before kissing her softly.  “Do you want to come back upstairs?” He asked.  She smiled up at him; “I thought you’d never ask.”  As they walked back into the hotel their arms intertwined and holding hands, she leaned against him lightly.
As the elevator doors closed he pulled her against him and kissed her more passionately, his hand sliding down her side and resting on the curve of her hip.  She leaned into him, pressing her body to his and slid an arm around his neck pulling his face toward hers to deepen the kiss.  His other hand slid over the small of her back and over her spine tousling her long hair and stirring that same scent of pears and cinnamon.  She moaned softly as his hand again entangled itself into her hair and he pulled gently on it turning her neck slightly as he leaned down and kissed behind her ear trailing kisses along her shoulder and collarbone.
Her leg slid up his, and he felt the clasp of a garter graze his outer thigh.  It was his turn to moan softly, the hand that he had on her hip sliding down her and resting just behind her knee.  “By the way?  You look amazing tonight.” He murmured into her ear, nipping at the lobe.  She sighed softly and ran a hand over his chest.  “As do you.” She responded as she deftly began to unbutton his dress shirt.  She kissed the exposed skin, and flicked her tongue against the hollow of his throat.  His grip on her leg tightened as his body tensed for a moment, his eyes falling half closed with a sharp intake of breath.
As the elevator doors opened, they heard a throat clear and both looked to see an older couple standing at the entrance of the elevator.  She dropped her leg with a blush and giggled as she apologized and stepped off of the elevator.  He stood there for a moment cursing the misfortune of fast elevator.  He stepped out, and followed her to his room.  As soon as they were inside she burst into laughter.  “God, I felt like I had just gotten busted for making out under the bleachers!” He noticed, not for the first time the way her eyes danced when she laughed.  Her laughter died off slowly, her face melting into a look of utter sensuality.
“What?” she asked.  He shook his head smiling and stepped toward her without coming into contact with her.  Looking down at her, he grabbed her face and looked into her eyes.  “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are when you smile?” he asked.  She started to speak but he cut her off with another kiss, walking her toward the bed.  As the back of her knees hit the edge he stopped looked behind her and smiled.  “This isn’t exactly why I invited you upstairs Lucy.” She too looked behind her and smiled; “No? Well damn.  I guess I could leave then.” She looked back to him, her eyes flashing with a challenging dare.
His hands slid down her arms, and around her waist finding the zipper at the back of her skirt.  He smiled wickedly as he undid the clasp and then the zipper tugging gently, not saying a word he effortlessly slid the skirt off of her hips and let it fall to the floor.  Next he slid his hands under her blouse and that too joined the skirt on the floor moments later.  As she stood there in nothing but her underwear and shoes he looked at her for a moment before beginning to unbutton his own shirt.
Stepping forward she pulled his hands away and finished unbuttoning his shirt, and opening his belt and then unbuttoning his slacks.  She looked up at him with what can only be described as a wanton look and said “Last chance to back out.  He responded by pushing her toward the bed.  As she slid onto the bed he stepped out of his pants and then lay beside her.  His hand ran down the length of her arm and across her stomach coming to rest on her other side.  He leaned toward her and kissed her shoulder before rotating to face her, one leg straddled over her legs.
“This isn’t what I intended for tonight.” He stated.  She looked up at him, her eyes now filled with passionate desire.  Taking that as consent, he kissed her softly, again teasing her lips open with his tongue.  Her arms wrapped around his neck, one hand running over his bare scalp.  She sighed softly as she leaned into the pillows behind her pulling him on top of her.  He leaned over her deepening the kiss one hand gliding along her side and up to cup her breast.  He traced a slow circle around her nipple as he bent his head down toward her other breast grasping that nipple between his teeth and biting down softly.
She gasped and arched her body against his, her right hand clenching softly against his back.  Her nails dug softly into his flesh and she moaned and pressed her hips forward.  He smiled to himself as he leaned into her, increasing the pressure with his mouth as his slid his hand around to her back and unclasped her bra.  She slid her hand down his back and rested it on his hip, one thumb hooked into the waistband of his boxers.  She looked up at him with a slight flush in her cheeks.  “Still not your intention? She purred softly as she slid her hand around to the front of his underwear, her fingertips brushing against his penis softly.  She laughed throatily as his face softened slightly. 
He helped her out of her bra and garter belt; then stepped off of the bed to remove his boxers, looking down at her for a moment before sliding her underwear off as well.  He knelt down on the bed and slid one stocking off kissing her knee and ankle, before removing the other stocking and kissing the knee and ankle of her other leg.  Sliding his hand back up her legs he knelt in front of her, and slid one hand along her thigh and over her vagina.  She was incredibly wet; she smiled at him widely and chuckled.  He returned the smile and entered her slowly.  He rested there for a moment, relishing her gasp of surprise as he entered her.
Allowing her a moment to get accustomed to his size, he brushed a strand of hair from her face and looked her in the eyes.  “Tell me how you want me to do to.” He whispered.  She looked up at him and blushed a deep crimson.  “Well, you’re kind of already doing that dear.” She replied smartly.  He gently smacked the side of her thigh.  “I want you to tell me what you want me to do to you.” He said, a little more menacingly this time.  She looked at him in mild shock and blushed again.  “I… What?  No!” she said.  He pulled back, allowing just the tip of his penis to remain inside of her.  “No?” he inquired?
“No.” she replied flatly.  He thrust into her hard and she cried out.  “So you don’t want me to do this?” He asked as he pulled back and then thrust into again.  “She let out another cry of pleasure, and gasped “Yes.”  He pulled back again and said “Yes, what?”  She glared at him as he pressed her hips forward in vain.  She mock pouted and writhed her hips to no avail.  In a huff she stated “I want you to screw my brains out god damn it.”    “Now that wasn’t too difficult was it?” He said with a chuckle.  He thrust into her smiling widely.  There was a split second of rage on her, before it softened into a look of desire as she moaned softly.
Her first climax came slowly and deliciously as he teased it out of her.  He slowed his tempo, slowly gliding in and out of her; enjoying the sensation of her vaginal muscles pulling gently on his penis.  As her breathing began to quicken he began to thrust harder, and more forcefully.  She began to writhe beneath him her face contorting into a mask of ecstasy.  As she came he watched her face, enthralled by how beautiful she was when in the throws of passion.  He kissed her deeply as she rode the crest of orgasm; as she came back to her senses he rolled her on top of him.
“I want you to ride me; I want to watch you come again. He told her as his hands grasped her hips pressing him self deeper into her.  Her face was still flushed from her orgasm, or she was blushing again.  He didn’t take the time to decide which the case was as she leaned over him; her heavy breasts swaying against his chest.  She smiled deeply as she began to rock her hips, riding him roughly grinding her pelvis against his.  Her hair fell over one shoulder as he leaned forward further and wrapped her mouth around one of his nipples; holding it in her teeth and flicking her tongue over it.  She moaned softly as she sat up arching her back beginning to pant slightly.  Her thighs clenched his hips as another orgasm crested, this time her vagina clenching around his penis.
She cried out loudly, her entire body flushing from the heat of her climax.  A warm sensation flooded from her body as she shuddered in pure bliss, unable to move momentarily she rested atop of him smiling languidly.  He smiled widely, enraptured by the look of pure desire on her face.  “I uh, sort of made a mess of you.” She said with a hoarse laugh.  As she slid from atop him he could feel her juices running down his shaft.  He slid one hand up her thigh to find it slick with her come.  She gasped as he slid two fingers inside of her and caressed her g spot, within seconds she was coming again this time soaking his hand and the bed.
He growled softly as he grabbed her hips and half flipped, half assisted her to her knees kneeling behind her.  He reached over to the nightstand, and opening the drawer pulled out a bottle of lubricant.  “While I am sure you aren’t done wanting to be screwed, there’s another hole I have yet to fill.” He told her as he applied lube to her anus, and then to his penis.  He rested the head of his penis against her hole teasing it, pressing gently into her allowing her to again acclimate herself to his size.  She sighed softly and pressed herself into him.  When he was buried deeply inside of her he slid his shaft back slightly before sliding back in.  Once he was sure she was loose enough not to tear anything, he grasped her by the hair softly and into her ear; “You are such a good girl.”
She moaned loudly and whimpered as he thrust roughly against her and began to ride her hard.  She reached a hand beneath her and began to rub her clit, panting loudly as he thrust into her again and again.  “Do you want me to come inside of you?”  She moaned desperately, almost unable to speak as her vaginal muscles clenched tightly in anticipation for yet another orgasm.  “Yes.” She managed to gasp out before she was overcome with the first sensations of climax.  As he thrust harder, she panted harder, and exclaimed another yes, before losing herself fully to climax just as she felt his penis pulse inside of her spilling his come deep within her.
As they both floated back to reality, he pulled out of her and laid her beside himself on the bed pulling the coverlet over them.  They wrapped themselves around each other and kissed and caressed each other gently.  “That was amazing.” She said.  He chuckled softly, kissed her temple and fell into a deep sleep.