Formspring Questions 1.0

Do you still have feelings for someone from your past? Would you be hurt if your current partner had feelings for someone from his/her past?

No I do not, people are a part of my past for a reason. Meaning that there is a reason they are no longer a lover.

Other than your current relationship (if any), in what relationship were you the happiest? What made that relationship so fulfilling? Why did it end?

His name was Josh, we dated for an exceptionally short period of time right before I moved back to Minnesota from Maine.  I was able to learn and grow mentally and emotionally in that relationship.  It was the first time I truly had an open relationship and it was full of love, trust and honesty.  It only ended because we had both lost our jobs and were unable to find steady employment soon enough to cover our rent and bills.  Home for me became Minnesota again, and he went back to New Hampshire.

Which do you believe is worse: Physical infidelity, or emotional infidelity?

Emotional infidelity is worse.  I don’t follow monogamy, so directly this does not necessarily effect me however with that being said not telling is wrong too.  If I am in a relationship with someone and they want to seek a physical or emotional relationship with another person and I am not consulted/told about it I feel that this is a form of infidelity.

Other than on the lips, what is your favorite place to be kissed?

Right behind my ear(s). That spot make me purr, and instantly gives me the goosebumps.  A close second is my forehead. There is something very sweet and intimate about being kissed there.

What one thing turns you on the most in a partner?

Hmmmm… physically – strength, mentally – strength of character.  I am not a tiny woman, nor will I ever be.  I am a big fan of a partner who can throw me around a bit.  I appreciate a person who stands up for themselves and what they believe in, even if we don’t see eye to eye on a subject.

Are you primarily attracted to internal or external qualities? What specifically?

It depends on how I met the person.  If I meet them online, then it’s their internal qualities because I generally get to know them as a person before I get to see them visually.  If I meet them in person than it’s their external qualities. Internally I like people to be intelligent, humorous/have a good sense of humor, open minded, and strong in character as mentioned above. Externally I tend to navigate toward a person’s eyes.  It’s usually the first thing that I notice, unless their back is to me then I am totally looking at their ass.

Have you ever paid or been paid for sex? If not, under what circumstances (if any) would you consider it?

I have never paid or been paid to for sex.  I wouldn’t say it would never happen, but it is highly unlikely that I would (for any amount of money).  Even as a sexual creature, there has to be some kind of an attraction between myself and that person and monetary value is not a factor in that.  If I find your mentally and physically attractive and you can prove that you have a clean bill of (sexual) health I will more than likely have sex with you at least once.

When it comes to romantic involvement or sexual attraction/activity, do you have an upper or lower age limit?

I rarely even consider anyone who is younger than me, call me an ageist but I have had too many relationships/interests that have blown up in my face or crashed and burned because the person was younger than I.  This is often due to their maturity level or that we are at different stages of our lives. I tend to date people that are of an age with me or are older.  I prefer the person that I am romantically involved with to be stable if not (mostly) financially at least emotionally.

What one thing is most important for sustaining a healthy relationship?

Honesty. One hundred percent. Also, open communication is a must.  In any relationship monogamous or otherwise it will never survive if there is not honesty and open communication.

How often do you masturbate?

That depends on my mood, timing, and availability.  I know that sounds more like an answer to a job interview question but it’s quite truthful.  I don’t masturbate often as it (actually) bores me.  Having an orgasm is much more fun with someone to share it with or to help get you to climax.  If I do not have a regular sexual partner than I am less likely to masturbate because my libido essentially goes into hibernation.  If I have a regular sexual partner (for examples sake as little as once a month), then I likely masturbate 2-3 times a month. The most that I have ever masturbated is 6 times in one day.  I didn’t even get into masturbation until I was 23 or so.  As a teenager I always had a steady supply of friends with benefits or boyfriends so I never had a need to satiate my sexual hunger on my own.