I miss "tear each other’s clothes off" sex…

I’ve only ever had that kind of passion with one person (Arthur) though. Probably because we only saw each other sporadically. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never really had bad sex. Honestly, it might be passionless or awkward but I don’t know that I have had a single sexual experience that I would account as “bad”.

Speaking of awkward sex, I slept with Sephiroth again. That is to say since we broke up, we had sex again. Essentially he wasn’t ready/didn’t want a relationship but still wants to hang out and we’ve both agreed we’d like to still have sex.

Initially it just felt awkward to me. I had to remove myself emotionally to enjoy it. Here’s this guy that I really like and well he’s not into the emotional side of things apparently. I’m (mostly) fine with that but it certainly made sex … (initially) interesting.

He said “I missed you.” and I really wanted to look down at him and tell him “Shut up, or you’ll ruin this.”


I am going to try and get back into the swing of this blog thing. I don’t even know if I have any legitimate followers, if i do say hi. If I don’t well good thing I mostly write this for my own amusement.