Jedi’s Introduction

It took me awhile on how to start out this post, as to whether I wanted to get right into the sex stories or if I wanted to give my readers some insight into how I met Jedi. I decided that with the other gentlemen I have written about what may have been lacking was how I met them. So I want to remedy that with Jedi.

Jedi and I met a year ago, at the time I was also casually dating M3. Some of my older posts mention M3. I truly enjoyed my date with Jedi, but I spent most of the evening thinking about M3; to which might I add I completely tweet failed a direct message to (M3) that went public. I deleted the fail, but not before Jedi apparently saw it. He being the “nice guy” that he is, let it slide and assumed things weren’t going to work out for he (Jedi) and I. This was the case as M3 and I became serious, and Jedi had things get serious with another woman that he was also seeing.

Fast forward to a year later, I was once again perusing OkCupid and Jedi’s profile was there again in my matches. I felt like it was mocking me. So I looked it over again and decided to throw some chips on red and messaged him. I acknowledged my dropping off the face of the internet and apologized, asked him if he would be interested in a second date and he accepted. We made plans for the following Saturday and left it at that. We may have chatted a bit during the week leading up to it as well; my apologies but my memory is not what it should be.

We met up at The Bulldog NE, and had a few beers and shared an appetizer and caught up on the past year. There had been a lot that neither of us had covered on our first date; but we both acknowledged that there was something now between us that hadn’t been there or noticed on the first date.  We decided to close our tab at the bar and to go for a walk along the river.  Some more sharing was done, some of which were some rather personal things that Jedi wanted to share before he wanted things to get any more serious (like kissing).  I’m not immediately at liberty to share but I promise dear readers he’s not a sex offender, an ax murderer or a zombie.

> On our walk back, I indicated that I was not ready to end the evening and he asked me back to his apartment.  I accepted but needed to get something from my car first. (Calm down geeks and geekettes, it was another pack of cigarettes – not a condom. Sheesh, I’m an ethical slut and I rarely fuck on the first date.) We went back to his place where I was greeted by a fantastic Star Wars display.  I was fascinated and might have fallen a little bit more in lust with this man. As we sat in his apartment we discussed more about ourselves, when suddenly Jedi leaned in for a kiss and from there we spent the better part of another 3 hours (it had already been at least 3-4 hours since our date had begun) making out like teenagers.

Stay tuned for the next installment: “The Curious Case of Gigglegasms”!