Jedi’s Email

Brushing your hair is fantastic.

All I was thinking about was how badly I want to have you naked, on my bed at home, the throe beneath you, laying on your chest.Explosions/Mogwai/Astronaut will be playing.  I’ll start by rubbing your shoulders and neck lightly, and working my way down your back. Loosening you, relaxing you.

You melt beneath my hands and purr at the same time.  I growl as I can begin to smell your sex.I work my hands to your lower back after I’ve relaxed your shoulders.  I begin working the lovely gift of an ass you have chosen to share with me, pushing, grabbing, lightly spreading your cheeks; I smell your lust building and you hear me sigh/growl in contentment.I tease your inner thighs firmly, my hand grazing against your neatly trimmed hair every so often. I can tell you’re trying not to squirm.

I tease you closer and closer, eventually running the length on my index finger against your lips and I lightly caress your clit with the pad of my finger. It’s moving at a millimeter a second… I’m taking my time as i hear you gasp and purr.I feel your nectar run down my finger, and I pull my finger back. You pout.I’m torn on whether I should tease you, but tonight, I cave in to your immediate desires. I’m eager to feel you squeeze my fingers.

I slide two fingers into you deep and press down towards the bed. I can feel your excitement swelling. I press firmly for 3 seconds, then abruptly pull my fingers out. I bring my hand to my nose; I’m salivating.I instruct you to get on your knees as promptly, I lay on the bed, my head sliding between your legs, mouth open, awaiting your wetness.  My tongue hangs out, I inhale your bouquet, and I grab your hips and pull your cunt into me; I’m devouring your beauty.I alternate between teasing your clit, and fucking you with my tongue. I bring you to climax quickly, I know your eyes are rolling back in your head, and I love it.  You explode into my mouth, and I drink of your sex, embracing the scent, and the sweet taste that only can be you.

I love bringing you to the brink of giggles.  I love you, your beautiful body, your hair, your skin, your laugh, the way your perfume complements your natural smell, your incredible ability to communicate, your cuddling up on me, your friends, and the way you love me back.