Guest Post: Pardon the Random Wednesday Interruption

I was totally Christmas Eve’d on Monday.

It’s like being hijacked only more festive… and it involves family…. AND a complete lack of anything worth posting on this blog. Not to mention, that the couple posts I have in que aren’t very festive. So at the risk of tramping our resident Wednesday writer (who I offer my Monday slot), I offer you all the following random musings I sketched down over the last two days and this beautifully delicious martini.

– Unwrapping your present(s) is far less awesome when it doesn’t involve someone dressed in a Christmasy outfit
– I completely approve of hot bartenders
– Your sister in law should not be allowed to walk up to you with a smile and ask you how you’ve been when you’ve gone to your naughty place to drown out your father’s babbling
– I need to look into ice play
– My car is completely misconfigured for road head
– I feel completely ungirly drinking a chocolate and Irish cream martini for some reason
– The above could be due to the rockin’ jazz on right now
– Steven Moffat makes my brain melt into delicious puddles of goo
– The whatever I pulled in my hand from fucking on and off for two straight hours on Friday is finally better
– Isn’t ‘martini’ one of the words jawas say?

And now I leave you with the words that have been ringing in my ears for a week…
“I fell asleep to the sounds of ‘Behind the Music’ and I heard C.C. DeVille say to¬† me, ‘It was the house of whores, but it became the house of horrors.’ Please point your browser to www dot Janine dot org slash admin tilde slash index dot HTML.” – Mike Doughty “Janine” off ‘Smofe and Smang”

I don’t always game, but when I do… I DO IT NEKKID!