Guest Post: Existentially tattooed

Happy omnomonday!

I think I’ve decided on my first tattoo. I’ve been wanting to start my ink journey for a long long time but I’ve never felt like I had the right tattoo. I have gigabytes of inspirational images and design files on my computer of stuff I want done. I have just never been in love with anything enough to be my first. Recently I was deep in a conversation with a good friend of mine that brought me to the point of actually saying out loud, “Maybe it is that I’m not concrete enough in my identity or sure enough about who I am to decide on something.”

You see, I think tattoos are hot as hell. I commonly find myself salivating while talking with someone with a visible tattoo because of my compulsion to lick It! I’ve watched the tattooing process and found myself needing a sit down due to my state of… excitement. The sight of ink embedded in the skin is a turn on… and I desperately want some, that I am not embarrassed to be naked with.

Something happened this weekend, as I was watching my favorite animated series of all time and reading about applied existentialism as consensual justice. I realized why the animated series I was watching was so important to me. It is a theatrical telling of a story that blurs the lines of the the self perceived reality and the consensual reality presented to us. It is a vast existential conversation and experiment told by an outsider seeking a place in a world, any wold, and trying to hide the journey for fear of the very same world’s reaction to it…. for the love of-holy hell… its my story! It is a abstract telling of ALL my stories.

So I have found my first tattoo… the image to pop my ink cherry… Lain.

Now, I just have to figure out if I should bring someone with me, and if that person is going to be capable of handling what ever me explodes from the experience. A person who will accept and give that person what they need, not stifle and suppress it…

Game on, naked… and inked