Guest Post: #giggleblush

I have been in a weird state of flux and self evaluation after a few things that have happened to me lately. One of them being a much needed ‘cards on the table’ conversation of honesty and transparency with one of my oldest dearest friends. I might write about that some time… but I’m still processing it.

That said, I have found myself in a war of innuendo over the last few days that culminated in track assault by my iPod of Matt Nathanson songs. I have to admit. That man’s lyrics make me giggle-blush like a lip biting – self conscious – teen aged girl. What’s worse is when his songs come on when I’m driving with other people in the car. I have a tendency to mutter ‘this song is so not about sex’ before a number of his songs, that people know. Watching them realize the innuendo over the course of the song, and the looks on their face, is priceless.

So I encourage you, if you have or haven’t realized it already, to give good ol’ Matt another listen. Do it with your dirty dirty mind in the gutter, where it belongs.

While you do that, I’m going to go kill zombies.

Game on my friends, nekkid.