Being a geek and being a kinkster

I just happened upon an article over at i09 titled ” Why Do Geeks Like Kinky Sex“.  Overall it was rather minimal, but loosely touched based on why the author AnnaLee Newitz thought there was a connection between being a geek and being a kinkster.

For me the primary connection is that being a geek gives me a wider imagination to go off of.  I accept that due to my acceptance of other races (fantastical and mythological) I have a wider imagination on what I do and think that I could find attractive in another partner.  With that being said, there are times where I can view a character (through imagination or through adaptation – read: movies or television) as attractive.  Additionally I am often introduced to scenarios that are (literally) out of this world; and at times have thought “Well that could be fun.”

That does not include all aspects of something I may have read or may have scene.  Either through a book or from a movie.  Take into consideration a scene from Anne Rice’s book Beauty’s Punishment (Book Two of her Sleeping Beauty trilogy). The chapter is titled “Mistress Lockley’s Punishment”; within the chapter there is a scene where Mistress Lockley smears fresh cream all over Beauty’s nipples and labia.  In turn Mistress Lockley picks up her cat (actual feline) and allows it to lick the cream off of Beauty. It’s a delightful scene, which left me highly aroused.

The actual act of allowing a living animal actually do such a thing is completely out of the question; however it did pique my interest.  It also lead me to wonder how it could be re-enacted with a consenting human partner.  Right down to the rough tongue.  I have yet to have the ability to act out the scene, but it is one that is aways lingering somewhere around the top of my fantasy list.

For me so much of what turns me on has been often influenced by my fandoms, because it is where I spent a fair amount of my free time.  It is why my ex-boyfriend was given the nickname of Sephiroth and it is why my current boyfriend has been nicknamed Jedi.  My sexual fantasies are influenced by the things that I find attractive and interesting.