Consented Objectification

I know that the title sounds like a derogatory oxymoron; but just hear me out here. There is such a thing as consented objectification. You see it in bars, at conventions and even online. It’s the “You’re sexy and I am okay with you finding me sexy.” attitude.  Tonight I was chatting with Madide and Jedi and I named it. Consented objectification.

Madide said something about finding someone attractive based on their nerd quotient; which let’s be honest he and I are very much all about the sexiness of one’s nerd quotient. I am more likely to find someone attractive because they’re wearing something nerdy; versus say… a Saints jersey; which don’t get me wrong, I love me some black and gold. (Who Dat!) However, you’ll catch my hormonal attentions much easier with say… a Doctor Who tshirt.

A lot of people are saying “Nerd is the new sexy.” I don’t think there is anything new about it. Now, before you go calling me a nerdy hipster, just think about it. Like calls to like. It’s not often that you hear of two people coming together with absolutely nothing in common. You don’t generally see a hard core sports fan who couldn’t care less who Benedict Cumberbatch is with someone who doesn’t have a clue who Drew Brees is. Now I am not saying it’s impossible; just unlikely.

I know plenty of people; myself included who aren’t the pigeon hole type and very much enjoy sports and nerdery. My point to all of this is that if I go out I am going to be attracted to a certain type, which generally is someone who has nerd interests. I won’t necessarily ignore someone in sports attire but I am more likely to notice a person if they’re wearing something nerd related.

This is where I get to my point of this post’s title. Most of the time when I feel pretty good in my own skin. I also often feel pretty sexy, and considering that 90% of my wardrobe has been purchased from TeeFury, Her Universe and ThinkGeek I tend to wear my nerd on my sleeve. This is not discounting my multiple nerd related tattoos that I happily show off as often as possible. If I am wearing something nerdy, or you see my tattoos and you find them sexy or attractive; say as much or at least don’t be ashamed for finding them as such. I certainly will at least consider doing the same with you; meaning I am less likely to tell you but will at least think about you. (Often in compromising positions.)

Being sexual is perfectly normal. Being a nerd is perfectly normal too. It’s only just recently that being sexual and (seperately) being a nerd has become socially acceptable. I’m okay with that; and you should be okay with that. I have been overheard in real life often scoffing at people who say things like “I’m a nerd because  I play Call of Duty.” Which yes, admittedly it does make me cringe. I don’t personally feel that enjoying FPS games immediately makes you a nerd. However, it’s your bag. I won’t judge you for it; at least not vocally but I likely don’t know you from Adam, maybe you’re a really cool person who also happens to really enjoy those types of games. Who knows, maybe you enjoy other things too. My point (okay really it’s a question) to all of this is really that, maybe you meet someone who is also into FPS games and you also find attractive. Do you happen to find them more attractive because of your shared interests?