Guest Post: It’s all about tom-geekery

I completely believe in and support geek on geek action…. I may have just completed my entire point in one sentence… but I’ll go on.

I feel like we geeks spend so much time fantasizing about and chasing the beautiful people. We hope and wish that they would find us attractive  and bed us in a sweating, cum filled mess. Fuck, we masturbate to that shit.

I’m here to tell you, my fellow citizens of the geektopia, that you’re not missing out. There are countless studies that state that we geeks are the best lovers. So many in fact that I’m not going to sight any of them. Google it newbs.

So if you want some, need some, then look no further than your tabletop companions or the people you’re going to Start Trek with this weekend.

Fuck a geek. It might be the most orgasmic choice you’ve ever made.

I’ll be waiting. Here… staring at my phone.

Geek on.

P.s. I’m back bitches.