Review time! Issues – The Web Show

So recently, through the wonders of social networking; I came across a web show. It’s called Issues, and holy hell is it hilarious. Admittedly, I started sharing it before I actually sat down and watched the first episode. Purely based on the synopsis, I was hooked and knew that a lot of my readers and followers were going to enjoy this show.


It’s about a guy named Scott (Barnes), who owns a comic book store and also has severe social anxiety. Immediately, I was intrigued because let’s be honest I’m a geek and I too have severe social anxiety. After looking through the Twitter¬†feed for the show, and reading reviews and @ replies to the show’s feed I knew I had to check it out.


So it’s been about a week, and I finally remembered that I needed to watch this show. Today I have planted my backside in my computer chair to do just that. You’re welcome dear readers, I am taking one for the team here. *snorts* Let’s be serious though, I sit on my ass at the computer pretty much all day anyways.

Let’s get to the review.


Within the first two minutes of the first episode I was chuckling. Completely disinterested therapist? Check. Completely honest, soul baring patient? Check. Absolute disregard, with a quickly written prescription for medications that will “make it all go away”? Check.

As the main character (Scott) leaves the therapists office, he is confronted twice with situations that anyone with social anxiety are all too wholly aware of. Random interactions with people who think they know you, and crowds of complete strangers. The way those interactions play out are familiar and yet are still made entertaining.

It would probably be appropriate to note, that I also find Scott to be immensely attractive. However, that’s more so due to the “positive sexual energy” I try to express here and less to do with why this show is fantastic.

Go and take a look, tell me your thoughts and share the show with your friends, family, therapist, and physician. Seriously.

Issues: Web Show // Episode One: Origins