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So, you really want to know about the geek behind the blog… That’s fair I suppose. I go by Savvy Geek Girl, or Savvy for short. I am a self proclaimed geek, but I was also called it as a slur while growing up. Never understood how being into some sort of a sub culture was a negative thing, but that’s probably why I am now writing a blog about geek culture.

I am a Minnesota native, with a Southern upbringing. However, I was partly raised by a liberal hippy. My upbringing was unique, in such that I was raised in a Christo-Pagan household that was also a polyamorous household. Don’t know what that that means? Check out this post.

I have an amazing spouse, and an adorable cat who live with me in Minneapolis. Our tiny little apartment is filled with mostly Star Wars memorabilia, with a smattering of Doctor Who, and Stargate pieces. I quite literally “wear” my geek on my sleeve, which is to say that I (currently) have 8  geek related tattoos, with plans for many more.

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