Apparently Chewbacca impersonations now turn me on…

I know I’m weird, but even I had to analyze my brain the other night.  Sephiroth was over for the evening and we were laying in bed just talking. I forget the context of the conversation but I imagine it had something to do with his innate ability to send me into fits of gigglesnorts.  I do recall that shortly before he started the Wookie sounds he was impersonating Jabba the Hut. So.. Maybe it’s just my Star Wars fetish. (thanks to Kedex for implementing that one! ^_^)

He just randomly does the Chewbacca growl and my brain (and body) were ready for the sexing.  It honestly took me aback a little bit, so I asked him to do the sound again.  Same response (internally); it turned me on. Granted I didn’t tell him this, but I certainly started dropping hints like bricks (special thanks to Marian Call for that line) by nibbling on his ear and generally molesting him.

So I ask you dear readers; have you any interesting/weird turn ons? Or more directly some kind of a kink that you previously were unaware of or are often looked at askance for?

((P.S. Zufallig did get a call from Captain Hottie. She took him home a week later for more sexing, that didn’t involve Romulan makeup.))

2 thoughts on “Apparently Chewbacca impersonations now turn me on…

    • You are not morbidly obese. That implies that you are unable to ambulate without assistance (or at all). I will accept obese (stupid BMI scales anyways), but not morbidly.

      Besides, I think you’re sexy as hell. What’s a few pounds but more cushion for pushin’? ;-) Cheesy line yes, but it’s always made me giggle.

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