How Savvy Got Her Groove Back (Part 1)

It’s a little bit funny, just a few weeks ago I made a post where I was admitting, or at least thinking, I had become asexual. Then the past month happened. Sit down dear followers, and settle in for the story of how I have begun to find the real me again. It includes how I’m becoming a sex fiend again, but more importantly I am rediscovering my loving passionate side again. That girl that used to wear her heart on her sleeve, and could approach people without being afraid of what they wanted from me, or how they would eventually hurt me.

To start, Jedi has found a wonderful secondary partner and this makes my heart sing. She will henceforth be referred to as “sexy lady friend” or “slf” for short. I adore her as a person, and especially as Jedi’s sexy lady friend. He is 100% smitten with her and completely in love. This makes my heart so very happy.

In the time since he has met her, our relationship has become so much better. Through this new relationship he has come to love me more, and discovered that I am not only his lover, and soon to be wife but his best friend. To tell the truth, through his new relationship I too have come to love him even more and have discovered that he is my best friend as well.

A few weeks ago Jedi and I attended a board game night (party) at SLF’s house. She and her husband host these once a month. I was incredibly uncomfortable because I knew exactly one person there, Jedi. So I begrudgingly played one game (King of Tokyo) and as soon as I died I hauled ass outside, to sit by myself my the fire pit. I had already met both SLF and her husband, so when a tall long haired guy stepped outside, I knew it was SLF’s husband. He didn’t say a word, just quietly stood on the other side of the fire pit. I socialized with other people as they came and went but mostly kept to myself. Jedi and I left early that evening, but I knew having met SLF that I adored her and had zero issues with Jedi’s budding relationship with her.

When I got home that evening, I had a Facebook friend request from SLF’s husband, along with a private message from him. I was flattered, and asked Jedi if he too had received a friend request and a message from SLF’s husband. While Jedi had gotten the request, he had not received a message. It was just a brief comment about how good it was to meet me and that he looked forward to seeing me in the future. I think, I’m too lazy to go to Facebook and read the message to transcribe it verbatim.

We chatted back and forth on Facebook for about a week or so, and eventually SLF’s husband asked me out for coffee. Being completely oblivious to people’s attraction to me, I didn’t stop to think he meant coffee. So I accepted. Initially I cancelled because I am a spaz, and was freaking out about a one on one meeting with a new person, and I think too that I either had something going on or was not feeling well. I wound up asking him if he’d still like to get together, and we ended up hanging out at his house while SLF was spending time with Jedi at our (Jedi and I) apartment.

Now ladies and gentlemen, this is where my body started to betray my brain and I thank all higher powers for this.

By this time, SLF’s husband had made it clear that he was attracted to me, but I was still going into this get together as just two people hanging out to get to know each other as potential friends. He was “too skinny” for me, besides he was SLF’s husband and I had below zero interest into entering into or even entertaining a poly-square relationship. As my dear friend (who I shall refer to as) Wingwoman stated “There’s a reason rectangle starts with wreck.”

I arrived at the house a little early, with SLF’s husband knowing I would. So when I got there he was just getting out of the shower. No big deal, he had left the door open a crack for me. So I let myself in and said hello to his daughter. Both she and I hung out while SLF’s husband finished up in the bathroom. As he walked into the living room, his hair was damp from the shower and down, as opposed to his traditional loose ponytail. The first signs of my body’s betrayal to my brain washed over me. There was an almost primal instinct to hurdle the coffee table and molest him on the spot. Something about that man with his hair down does incredible things to my libido.

We sat and chatted for 3.5 hours that night. We talked about anything and everything. Honestly, we laughed and we cried. It was so surreal. Especially when we realized that 3 hours had passed and it had only felt like an hour. Anytime he would let his hair down my heart would race and my breath would catch in my throat. At some point I awkwardly told him he wasn’t attractive to me because he was so skinny, as the words came out of my mouth I knew I was lying, but I wasn’t about to tell him that. Then I did, sort of. I blushed and stuttered and just could not stop my mouth from paying him compliments. At one point he said to me “So you do find me attractive.” I am pretty sure people in China could see the glow of embarrassment radiating from my entire body.

It was not too long after that that SLF returned home and it was time for me to head home myself. SLF’s husband walked me outside and gave me a lingering hug that told each other we wished it was more than just a hug, but I was already feeling incredibly awkward and scared out of my mind. I had a mental war with myself to kiss him, and begging (in my mind) that he would kiss me. Alas, it was only a hug that evening. I went home practically floating however. I am pretty sure Jedi could tell I was smitten before I was willing to admit it to myself.


Stay tuned for more!

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