"Now get off of me and go play your video game."

Geeks and Geekettes, this is a statement I made to my boyfriend this evening. I am not ashamed to admit that I said it either.  Now granted, this statement is taken out of context, but what guy wouldn’t want to hear his girlfriend tell him this?

One of the things that I appreciate about my current relationship with M3, and my previous relationships is that it’s unconventional.  We can sit in the same room for hours doing our own thing and then hole away for some adult fun and then go right back to what we were doing before.

I love being that chick who gets herself and her significant other off and then kicks them out of bed to go play video games, or to create a new scenario/character for their/my next gaming session.  Whatever your hobbies/interests are – I don’t need your attention all of the time, or even most of the time but you damned well better be willing to accept that I don’t want to have to give you all of mine either.

Also, I really need to get my account on EvE reactivated, preferably this weekend.  Not to mention finally get my hot little hands on SW:TOR.  Too bad my birthday is still 7.5 months away… < sad face >

I Just Had Sex

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