Saint Patrick’s Day (Finally Revisited)

So some of you may remember this delicious morsel from Saturday May 18th 2012’s Sinful Sunday.
This tart was the other woman in my sexy Saint Patrick’s Day threesome.
The day threatened to be horrible for me, for reason’s I will not get into on this blog but suffice to say I was stressed out mentally and emotionally. I got to the hotel and checked in took a hot shower and poured myself a cider and began to get dressed and ready for the much needed shenanigans of live irish music, beer and the company of my closest friends. The night started out well and quite mild. Lots of exclamations of hello’s and I miss you’s and hugs and kisses.
As the beer and whiskey continued to flow my friends and I grew more open with our amorous affections towards each other. There was much groping and making out among many parties and it was delicious and arousing. At one point Trouble decided she needed to stop drinking or find a hotel room to crash in for the evening. It was at that moment that I decided she would be staying with me for the night and I took her to my room for another drink. Nothing happened at this point as we both were too excited to get back down to the bar to mingle, fondle, kiss and grope as many of our friends as would return the affection.
At some point in the night I spent the better part of an hour making out passionately with my best friend. It was wonderful and something I never really expected either of us to do considering while we are both bisexual (she’s at least heteroflexible) we had never really necessarily looked at each other in that light.  Even with the fact that we were both wearing colorstay lipstick we managed to eventually come up for air with lipstick smeared all over our faces.
The bar was shutting down for the night, so I took my leave and went off to find my roommate for the night. I was not surprised to find Trouble knee deep in puppies (of the actual K9 variety). Once I was able to disengage her from the animals I brought her back to my room where we both commenced to strip down to our panties and climb into bed. Blissfully drunk and full of giggles.  We laid there for roughly 5-10 minutes attempting sleep when I rolled over and asked her “Would you mind if I invited someone else up?” She looked at me wickedly and asked if I implied male or female, to which I responded likely male. She agreed and laid out the terms of her involvement which mainly relied on no penetration, primarily foreplay between she and the male partner.
I grinned and agreed to her rules of engagement and called up a close friend of mine who had confided in me a few years prior that he was interested in a three way with himself and two women where he was able to eat pussy to his hearts content.  As he answered the phone I asked what he was doing, to which he stated he was heading to a friend’s room to sleep off his drunk. I bluntly asked if he would prefer to come to my room where two practically naked women were exceptionally aroused and looking for a third party to come play. He quickly apologized to his friends and was at my hotel room in roughly five minutes.
I introduced him to Trouble, and explained to Trouble that he would be known as Random Irish Dude (real names were actually exchanged). I pulled the blankets off of the bed, grabbed a few towels from the bathroom and promptly advised RID that he was overdressed and needed to remedy the situation. He grinned like a kid at Christmas and abruptly stripped off his clothing and joined Trouble and I on the bed. The rules of engagement were explained to RID and at his acception the games were underway.
I will admit that much of that evening, even the morning after was a blur. We were a collection of caresses, kisses, fondles, gropes, sighs, moans and muffled cries of passion. Below is to the best of my memory the goings of that evening.
RID excitedly looked between Trouble and I unsure of where to begin his quest. I chuckled stating “Well you know what I taste like, why don’t you try Trouble out.” as I leaned over Trouble and took one of her rigid nipples into my mouth biting done roughly and grabbing her other breast roughly in my hand. She immediately let out a gasp throwing her head back passionately. I watched RID lower his mouth to her vagina and he took to licking her with wild abandon. She began to writhe and moan deliciously digging her nails into my arm and RID’s shoulder. He moaned loudly into her moistened slit as her hips began to rock.
RID gripped her hips roughly and pulled her hips against the bed looking up at me with eyes filled with passion and desire. I nearly came right then and there with no other stimulation than that look from RID. As he kept his eyes on me he grabbed my left left and pulled it roughly sliding me closer to him, as he snaked his hand up and along my thigh I spread my legs wider to allow him manual access to my vagina as well. He began working his fingers in and out of my dripping hole coaxing small waves of orgasms out and loose. Trouble was beginning to reach an intense climax as her nails dug deeply into my thigh. I cried out from the sudden but pleasurable pain, I think at this point RID thought my reaction was in relation to something he had done as I felt him slide more fingers into my vagina and begin to fist me roughly. With Trouble’s nail digging deep into my flesh and RID’s fist thrusting deeply I came loudly and excessively.
RID moaned deeply as I covered his arm and the bed as I gushed again and again. I think but am not sure that Trouble also was gushing, I do know that hearing her in the throes of orgasm kept me going for much longer than I tend to come. Before I could fully come down off of my could of euphoria I felt the bed shift and lazily rolled my head over to look at Trouble leaning over my chest with a deliciously wicked grin on her face as her mouth lowered to my breast. She took my nipple roughly into her mouth and began to pull and knead my other breast, RID’s mouth quickly locked onto my engorged clitoris as his tongue and teeth roughly grind against and around it. His hand was still pressed completely into my vagina and I quickly came again harder and more intensely. He moaned what I think was a “YES” as he licked and sucked every drop of my cum from my throbbing vagina and then slid his hand free and licked his fingers clean as well.
He knelt before me and stared into my eyes as he entered me and I sighed softly. Trouble laid next to us and softly caressed RID and I and playing with herself as she watched. As I wrapped my legs around RID’s waist pulling him further inside of me me moaned loudly and leaned down  biting me harshly on my breasts and shoulders I began to feel yet another orgasm rising as his breath began to quicken. His thrusts became more demanding and rough,  I knew from past sexual encounters that RID was near climax as well.  I brought my hands up to his chest and pulled roughly on both of his nipples twisting them away each other. His eyes flew opened as his mouth fell agape uttering complete jibberish as his orgasm overpowered him, I came again gushing all over myself and him soaking the bed even further.
As we both came down, I slid over to allow RID to snuggle between Trouble and I. There was a lot of soft sighs and caresses as we all came down from our respective highs. I helped RID back into his clothes and walked him to the door before joining Trouble back into bed spooning here where we drifted off to sleep.

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  1. We loved this image, and we’re glad you’ve finally fleshed out the night in question. Bonus points for describing it in such unbelievably erotic detail! You can’t even imagine how much we’d love to make you gush. So hot!

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